Established in 1960s,

now we are successful and expanding foundry business.

Full range of cast iron casting

including ductile iron castings

35 000 t produced per year

The smelting shop is equipped with industrial-frequency induction furnaces with acid lining: unit LFD-25 having 4 crucibles, each with a 25t capacity by cast iron and two units LFD-8 having 3 crucibles, each with a 8t capacity by cast iron. 3 25t-crucibles and 4 8t-crucibles can operate at a time. The furnaces are of ASEA make.

In 2007 the shop was rebuilt resulting in equipping with a new smelting complex consisting of two mid-frequency induction furnaces, each with a 25t capacity by cast iron. The furnaces are made by INDUCTOTHERM (England).

Available are ladles 0,5t to 75t. There are two cranes for pouring with a load-carrying capacity up to 140t. The cranes can run simultaneously.

Smelted out are flake-graphite-containing cast-iron of grades СЧ10 – СЧ35 GOST 1412-85 and their analogues EN-GJL-150 – EN-GJL-350 EN 1561, nodular-graphite-containing cast-iron of grades ВЧ40 – ВЧ70 GOST 7293-85 and their analogues EN-GJS-400-15 – EN-GJS-700-2 EN 1563. Besides, available are high-alloy (up to 34% of Cr, 22% of Ni plus Мо, Si) cast iron, heat- and wear-resistant cast iron and type Ni-Hard and Ni-Resist non-magnetic cast iron.

The smelting shop ensures conveyor pouring, large- and small-size shaped casting pouring and water-jacket casting pouring.

Melting furnaces


  • A unit of furnaces LFD-25 ASEA, 4 crucibles, 25t each and a unit of mid-frequency furnaces, 2 crucibles, 25t each. 3 crucibles LFD-25 and 2 crucibles INDUCTOTHERM are possible to run at the same time.
  • Two units of furnaces LFD-8 ASEA, 3 x 8t crucibles in each. 4 crucibles are possible to run at the same time.

Types and mass of castings

Castings in cast iron:

  • Conveyor castings weighing up to 150kg. Possible output – 17000 t/y.
  • Single-unit or job production of cast shapes weighing up to 20000kg and measuring up to 3500х2000х1500 mm. Possible output – 10000 t/y, including:
    • castings for case parts, frames etc. for paper machines;
    • castings for gas and steam turbines;
    • castings for electrical industry;
    • castings for car industry die fixtures;
    • castings for mining industry crushing machine bands and wear-plates;
    • other large-size castings for different types of equipment.
  • Caisson castings weighing up to 120t with a maximum dimension up to 5000 mm. Possible output – 10000 t/y, including:
    • cylinders and rolls for paper machines, up to 11500mm long and 1200 – 2200mm in diameter. Possible output – up to 30 castings a month;
    • creping cylinders 3000 – 4250mm in diameter. Possible output – up to 8 castings a year;
    • moulds for metallurgical industry.
  • Chill castings for gas and oil producing industry and for construction industry as well. Possible output– 10000 t/y.


  • Pouring cranes with a load capacity of up to 140tт.
  • General-purpose cranes with a load capacity of up to 250t.

Product range

Tips bored piles

We offer reliable cast iron shoes (tips piles) for the manufacture of bored piles way

Heavy pulleys, rollers

Large pulleys and rollers reference stations drums for mining, coal, pulp and paper industry and others. Industries

Shells furnaces for saunas

You will appreciate our reliable and economical furnace flue buildings and major items of cast iron.

Dump Truck Parts

Experience in manufacturing parts for BelAZ dump trucks of ductile cast iron with nodular graphite HF 50.

Shells heavy gearboxes

Moulded gears for general and special purpose ductile iron machined

Parts of turbines

We supply high-precision machined castings for steam and gas turbines and have experience in manufacturing this equipment for groups by Siemens. It is also widely performed machining of large castings of turbine parts subcontracted.

Bandages heavy mining equipment

Bandages heavy grinding mining and other equipment

Shells and working bodies of the pumps for the mining industry

Great experience of manufacturing buildings and working bodies of the pumps for the mining industry, including details of the customer's drawings.

The weights for pipelines

We offer a reliable and technologically balancing snap - weighting for laying oil and gas pipelines. The weights were cast foundry, equipped with Soviet gas pipeline "Urengoy - Pomary - Uzhgorod" pipeline and "Friendship".


We offer dishes of various sizes metallurgical and appointments. Casting, machining and heat treatment are made on the same production site.

Frame, a faceplate for large machine tools

Cast iron frame, the rack and the faceplate of large machines. Machining is done on the same production site. There is a lot of experience of the domestic and foreign markets.

Frame and body parts, and cellulose paper machine equipment

Frame and body parts, and cellulose paper machine equipment, manufacturing and machining are performed on a single production site

Shells heavy gearboxes

Moulded gears for general and special purpose ductile iron machined

Corps transport packaging containers

Safe, durable and effective solutions for the transport and dry storage of spent nuclear fuel from nuclear reactors.

Enclosures smelting waste heat boilers and waste

Shells melting tanks for the chemical industry, waste heat recovery and other.

Shafts and paper machine drying cylinders

All sizes of iron rollers and cylinders of modern paper machines. In 2011 we produced more than 5000 cylinders, most of which are exported. Our long-term customers are leading international companies in the field of PAPER MACHINERY: Metso Paper (Sweden), Voith (Germany), GLV (USA) and others.

Details of oil pumping units

Reliable equipment of the drive oil pump jacks

Ballast weights and counterweights

We produce cast iron ballast weight for all industries and balances for oil pumping units

Brake pads for rail transport

We offer field-proven locomotive and car brake pads

Art Casting

Monument for Gavrila Derzhavin
Monument for Georgy Zhukov
Sculpture "Melody" in the seaside park
Monument for Fyodor Terentyev
Cast-iron cannon on the Onega embankment
Benches for Sokolniki Park
Monument for Maria Melentieva

Mould sands and equipment

Conveyor castings and small-size cast shapes:

  • Moulds – clay-sand;
  • Cores – water-glass sand (СО2-process), sands based on resins Carbophen and Fenko (СО2- process);
  • Moulds are fabricated with the help of shaker type machines VPF-2,5 and Foromat-40.

Large-size cast shapes:

  • Ordinary castings
    • moulds and cores – water-glass sand (СО2-process), plastic self-hardening sand;
    • sands are prepared with the help of mixing runners 1А12.
  • Critical castings
    • moulds and cores – cold-hardening sands based on silane-modified urea-formaldehyde resin DYNOFORM L-356/362;
    • sands are prepared with the help of continuously operating mixers AMD-8, AMD-15, AMD-20.

Pattern workshop

At the pattern department wooden and expanded-polystyrene patterns are fabricated, and also metal pattern accessories.

The workshop is fitted with a Belotti 5-coordinate PNC miller-centre that machines sophisticatedly-shaped wooden and plastic patterns measuring up to 2,5 х 4,5m, with a split-hair accuracy. The computer support group having in use a 3-D solid-state and surface CAD system along with 5-coordinate machining programs keeps the centre running.

Quality control

Castings inspection

  • Castings are inspected in properties as follows:
    • metal composition;
    • mechanical properties;
    • microscopic metallography;
    • hardness on cast samples and casting surface;
  • If required, also available are:
    • hydraulic tests;
    • ultrasonic, radiography, magnetic-particles and dye-penetrant inspections.

Quality inspection facilities

  • composition is monitored with the help of quantometers ARL-31000С, ARL-272000S, ATOM-COM 181 (USA) and analyzers C and S.
  • for mechanical inspection the equipment for tensile strength, bending and impact (at temperatures of –70 to +500°С) tests is used. Hardness is measured with stationary and portable instruments to Brinell, Rockwell and Vickers.
  • for metallographic examination a stationary metallographic microscope Me-F3 with a magnification of 20 to 500 (Reichert-Jung, Austria) is used.
  • for ultrasonic inspection portable flaw detectors are used
  • for radiographic examination X-ray apparatus and accelerators are used.
  • for magnetic-particles inspection a flaw detector TWM-42 (TIEDE) is available.


We have the ability to send the goods produced by land and water transport.

Delivery by Land

We have the ability to ship goods by road and rail..

Delivery by Sea

Next to the foundry seaport is located in Lake Onega.



65, Zaitseva street

Petrozavodsk, 185031 Republic of Karelia


Tel.: +7 (8142) 79-80-86