PetrozavodskMash Foundry is able to carry out machining of castings parts by the following machines:

  • screw-cutting lathe with machining length up to 12.5 m and diameter up to 2.2 m
  • turning and boring machines with a diameter of up to 6.3 m
  • special boring machines with a processing length of up to 11 m and a diameter of up to 1.4 m
  • horizontal boring machines with displacement up to 1.2x4m
  • longitudinal milling machines with a table size 2x6.3m

Further planning

The Hoesch D1600 CNC lathe was installed and put into operation. Bed type milling machine model 6M616MF4 is undergoing deep modernization with the replacement of the CNC system. The Waldrich Siegen machining center was delivered and launched into production, which allows to carry out rough machining of multi-megawatt engine blocks.