Our company

We produce complicated medium and large iron castings.
The experience gained since the company was founded and the progressive development of our knowledge in the field of casting have made us a modern, customer-oriented company with the highest level of competence in the production of gray and ductile iron.

Our team

Each individual employee is an important part of our company, and only the common work of all employees leads to the best possible customer satisfaction.
We live by working together, sharing our skills, knowledge and experience - we work as a team.

Figures and facts

Established: 1968
Turnover: 1.788 billion rubles. (forecast for 2021)
Designed production capacity: 60,000 tons / year
Staff: 489 employees
Materials: gray cast iron (GJL) / ductile iron (GJS)
Castings and rough machining. Weight of castings up to 120 tons.
The capacity of the melting workshop can reach 700,000 tons / year